Is it time to go green?

I received several emails this week from job seekers asking me for advice on breaking into the green jobs industry or asking if it made sense for them to look into a green career.  My answer is YES!  In fact, I believe that green jobs will be the fast growing segment of job opportunities in the next decade.  In the stimulus bill that signed earlier his week, the President set aside over 70 billion for green job initiatives.  That is a lot of money that should produce a lot of new jobs.  Many people think that green jobs are limited to technical type positions.  This is not true, every position you could imagine will be need as the infrastructure of the green collar industry is built.  I am talking about, green sales reps, green marketing executives, green IT pros, green HR folks, green lawyers, etc..  Now is the perfect time to start exploring other opportunities in this growing industry.  If you are in between jobs, this could be the sign that you were looking for.

On a side note, if you are a grant proposal writer, you just hit the lottery.  This is probably the most in demand position right now, as companies will need your extertise to apply for and secure the government money.  Accounts and finace professional, you are next in line…

Check out this green job board if you are looking for green jobs