Should I include this on my resume? If you have to ask- then no

With all the resume tips and career advice on the Internet, I am constantly amazed at the amount of low quality resumes that I come across on a daily basis.  A simple Google search on” resume tips” yields over 21 million pages of content chock full of advice and examples.  The majority of the resume advice out there focuses on what to include on your resume.  I want to focus on

what not to include on your resume


  • Personal Information – This is not the 1950’s, do not include age, marital status, children, etc..
  • Hobbies
  • Picture
  • Objective – try a summary or profile statement instead
  • Reasons for why you left a position
  • Availability
  • Salary Information
  • References or the statement “References furnished upon Request”
  • Your entire job history from when you were in High School.
  • Social Security Number – I have really seen this before on CV
  • Supervisor names
  • the word “Resume” on the top of the page – I am not kidding, I have seen this too.
  • Charity involvement – Admirable…but not appropriate on a resume.
  • Political Affiliation – common sense, right?  Be careful with this one, I have seen many inadvertanly disclose this by listing volunteer experience or college experience.
  • Religion – I read a resume recently that had a list of interests and among them was God.
  • Health Issues – I am glad you are fit and healthy, but this information does not belong on your resume.

That is 16 that I can think of.  Help me add to this list by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

Have resume questions? Ask away…