How to Face a Job Interview: Tips and Advice

A job interview is the most important step that people have to face when looking for a job. All of the previous steps such as preparing your resume and applying for available positions will finally lead to the job interview and here is where everything will be decided. At the moment of the interview it is important that you feel relax and confident.

Before the interview begins you should be fully prepared. It is always important to transmit to the interviewer that you are confident and knowledgeable about the position for that reason you should keep the situation under control and try to focus the conversation on your abilities and how those can contribute to the company’s goals. Read a lot about the company before the interview and try to memorize a few key aspects such as vision and mission of the company in order to bring it up during the conversation. Don’t be afraid to reveal your weaknesses but be prepared to mention how you overcome those. Another important thing is that you should be knowledgeable about your resume there is nothing worse than someone who doesn’t remember what is written on his own resume.

Types of Interviews

Individual Interviews

Generally a normal interview (the individual interview) is between the person applying for the position and a representative of the company or HR manager. The model followed by these interviews is based on simple questions not following any particular patron, however more companies nowadays are opting for different models of interviews that allow them to have a better understanding of the applicants’ skills and personal attitudes.

Panel Interviews

The panel interview is similar to the individual interview with the only difference that more than one interviewer will be involved. The panel interview allows deeper and much more focused conversations. A panel interview is a difficult scenery for the applicant but the most important thing is to stay focus and confident at all times.

Group Interviews

Combines both types of interviews (individual and panel interviews) in this case the applicant will be interviewed individually by different people of different areas of the company. Every interviewer will evaluate the applicant by his own criteria and the final decision will be made by all together.

Mix Interviews

The mix interviews basically include spontaneous questions in order to measure your responses under pressure, the questions are made to specifically to determine with as much accuracy as possible your real attitudes and personality. Don’t panic you are not really forced to give a quick answer, be smart and take your time to reply.