5 things to consider when hiring a resume writer

There are thousands of resume writers on the Internet these days and it can be completely overwhelming to select the best resume writer for your needs.  A search of Google will show you over 3 million hits for the term “resume writer” and if you are Linkedin you will see thousands of profiles of resume writers.  The best way to find a great resume writer is to ask friends and associates who they would recommend.  A word of mouth referral is always a wise choice.  If that does not work for you and you find yourself in the position of having to search on the Internet or Linkedin, here are some things to consider when narrowing down your list.

  • How is the website? Just like you resume is marketing you to employers, a resume writers website is marketing to you.  If there website is amateurish and does not present well, then chances are they will not be able to create a favorable impression for you either.  In evaluating their website, you also want to make sure that they clearly provide a phone number and email address.
  • What is the Price? This is important because you do not want to hire the cheapest writer and you certainly do not want to hire the most expensive either.  An acceptable range is between $150-$400.  If the writer charges less than $100 or more than $500, run away…fast!
  • Testimonials? What are other people saying about the service?  Will they let you contact past customers for a reference.  Top notch resume writers will be happy to let you see what their satisfied customers have to say.
  • Factory or a “real” person? Beware of services that operate like a large corporation, like The Ladders or Vault.  I would also shy away from services affiliated with the major job boards.  These services are overpriced and offer very little in the way of customized service.  Seek out a smaller service that will spend time with before writing your resume.  If the resume company relies on forms and questionnaires and not one on one conversation then that is a major warning sign.
  • Free Resume Critique? If the resume writing service offers a free resume critique this is a good sign and you should take them up on the opportunity.  This will allow for a nice feeling out process and will better help you determine if the company is the right fit.