Still looking for a job? check out Employment Crossing

With unemployment creeping into the double digits, it is understandably difficult to find a job these days.  I am sure that you have been looking online in the usual places like Monster, Career Builder and Hot Jobs.  I am sure you have even checked out some niche job boards like Tech Jobs or Sales Gravy that are related to your profession.  I want to introduce you to a new type of job board that may be able to help you tremendously.

The site is called Employment Crossing and they are different then the big 3 boards.  What they do is actually research all of the available employment opportunities that are available online and organize them in a single place on their site.  This this save you hours of time and it will also display some career opportunities that you have never seen or would never see if it was not for there site.  They actually have a team of researchers that aggregate jobs from all of the job boards in the United States as well as virtually all of the corporate career sites of the individual companies in the Fortune 1000.  They are adding close to 100,000 new jobs per day to the site and they have over 2 million jobs in their system.

Like I mentioned, this site is different from Monster and Career Builder in that they allow companies to post for free and they charge the candidate a nominal fee for access to all the jobs.  The cool part is there is a free 7 day trial so you can check it out and see if it will work for you.  My thoughts are that the fee is certainly worth it just in the time you will save and if you land on a job it will be priceless!

Good Luck and let me know if this worked for you..