Interview Question and Answer “what is your biggest weakness”

This is an oldie but goodie.  A true classic.  a lot of advice you have received is wrong and antiquated.  You must come up with a Real weekness and talk about waht you are doing to fix it.

  Keep this in mind, the way you handle your response to the question might be as important if not more important than what you actually say.   The interviewer asks this question for two reasons.  Firstly, to see how you  respond.  Secondly, to see how you handle a stress question.

The trick here is to answer the question without making it look like you have a weakness that might prevent you from getting the job.  Be honest.  The interviewer will no if you are lying.

Be careful about using clichés.  Believe me the interviewer has heard them all.  Don’t come off as sounding rehearsed.   Some old school interview books will tell you to say, “I am a perfectionist”  or “I work to hard”  These are the worst answers to give.  They probably heard the same response from the last 10 candidates they interviewed.


Here is what you do.  You answer the question in a way that tells the interviewer that you are aware that you actually have a weakness (its ok, we all do).  Continue to mention that you realize this impact others.  Lastly, talk about what you are doing to correct it.


Here is my answer-

My biggest weakness is staying organized.  Throughout my day, I feel like I am being pulled in all different directions and feel overwhelmed at times.  I know I can be short with some of my coworkers. Sometimes when I wrapping up my day, I realize that there were somethings I did not take care of, which forces me to stay extra to complete them.  I spoke with my manager about this and she gave me some pointers and also arranged for me to take a couple of classes on time management.  I just completed the program and have implemented a lot of the suggestions and see a major improvement already