Why Job Boards are evil

Do I really think job boards are evil?  Of course not, but it was a pretty catchy title, no?

The point I want to make with this post is that if you are using job boards as the primary tool for your job search then you may be in for a disappointing job hunt.  When people are looking for a job, most times their first instinct is to head over to Monster and Career Builder or maybe even check out a niche site like Tech Jobs and see whats cooking.  Maybe post your resume to both sites and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring off the hook.  Oh, if it was only that easy..

As an experienced recruiter and purveyor of career advice let me tell it to you strait –  Utilizing a job board centric job search strategy is a lazy and flawed way to look for your next job.  It is hit or miss at best.  More and more companies are not posting their positions to these big boards as they are realizing that they can not justify the return on investment.

As someone who has experience as a corporate recruiter, I can tell you that we filled less than 20% of our jobs through job boards.

My advice : Spend your precious time elsewhere

I am not telling you to abandon job boards but this should be a minor component of your strategy and you probably do not want to allocate more than 20% of your time here. There are many time savers that you can implement that will help maximize the time you spend on the boards.

Have you heard of Resume Rabbit? It is an awesome service that will save you hours on your job board strategy.  You fill out one simple form and they automatically post your resume to over 75 job boards, including Monster, Career Builder, Hot Jobs, etc.  I highly recommend their service.

Now you know the solution for posting your resume to the boards with ease — How about a one stop shop for searching all jobs?

Take your pick – Indeed , Simply Hired- These are job aggregators and they spider the web and deliver jobs from the other job boards as well as company websites.

“Hey Dan…you told us about what she should focus on 20% of the time, what should we be doing the other 80% of the time?”

I am glad you asked!  That is coming in the next post.