Top Gripes with Business Networking and How to Get Over Them

Business networking is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the work place for the immediate future. Between sourcing potential clients or employees and strategising with co-workers, without business networking events a team would be held together with what could be compared to a very thin thread. However not everyone is too keen on business networking for valid reasons. Let’s look at some of the top reasons people are having problems business networking.

Am I a Bother?

One might feel they are being too much of a bother to someone which hampers their ability for social business networking. However keep in mind that while it’s true that someone might have a lot on their plate, there is a reasonable way to ensure you minimise the risk you’re being a bother. Keep your e-mails, phone calls or conversations short and simple; unless you’ve already established a friendly repertoire with the person you needn’t fluff up the conversation with unrelated information. If you’re keen on a meeting but still slightly tentative then consider asking for a 10-minute phone call; you might not be in a position to ask for a business networking event like lunch just yet.

I’m Not Good With Strangers

One of the biggest ironies of business networking in London is the vast majority of people dislike talking to strangers. The entire point of companies with business networking is getting in touch with people you didn’t know before; you’re bound to run into a stranger or two. However if you are having a problem getting your head around networking start with your neighbours, relatives or friends of friends; this should serve as an adequate ‘warm up’ of sorts moving forward. When you do meet a stranger it’d be helpful if you could name the common connection you have, this personal touch will put the person you’re with at ease. Internet business networking can be useful for getting over your fear of strangers too, in as much as you never have to face them personally.

I Don’t Have Time for Useless Connections

The biggest gripe I hear when it comes to business networking is when most of the connections people have through networking don’t directly help or give up what people are looking for. An amateur networker might assume we’re only supposed to make contact with people who will directly help us, but the fact is there are many reasons to keep connections that have nothing to do with our immediate goals. Perhaps someone you’ve met has done a lot of the groundwork of networking ahead of time and can put you in contact with dozens of leads; just because he or she can’t give you what you need directly, they can perhaps lead you to someone who can. If you only networked with people who could directly affect your career, your circles would be too small to make proper business networking practical. To conclude, good luck out there and remember why you’re involved with business networking in the first place; it’s easy to ignore the gripes when you reap the rewards.