Top 6 Lucrative Career Paths For 2013

Though the economy of the world is quite restricted and confined today but still the efforts and cravings to make more money has not subsided. There are plenty of career options which are fetching good income in short term and long term career paths too. Technical and commercial career paths should be decided after gaining knowledge about the field. Few top paying career paths are disclosed below like:

1) Actor/actress: If you think you have the right talent then becoming a film actor will be the most lucrative career. The film career offers loads of money, name, fame and popularity. If the person has the right acting skills and vigor to deliver the performance of the character in any movie, then this is just for you. A path to glory.

2) Doctors/ Pharma techs: Medicine field too is most rewarding in terms of money and other facilities. Though, initially the person has to invest money, effort and time in studying. Surgeons and medical physicians and orthopedic are highly paid but only after a few years of experience under an expert medical guidance during internship. The average annual income of doctors varies from $120,000-$240,000

There are many allied medical career paths which do not require strenuous qualifications just basic skills to learn. Medical billing and coding, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, medical administration and few more. Anually the average income paid to most of these designations is between $38,000-$60,000.

3) Programmers: Technology field has grown manifolds rapidly in a couple of recent decades. There are many softwares, databases and applications developed every day to simplify life. Technology has grown and is growing for which programmers in many fields like web, database and software programmers are required. They study various computer and programming languages which helps them develop new applications and softwares for simplifying web work and development. The annual wage varies as per skills – $50,000-$70,000.

4) Accountants: Accountants are known to maintain bills and cash records in any organization or for individuals. Accountants manage the financial documents and keep the credit, debit records always updated. After pursing a career in accounts, the person can look for job as an accountant in firms, management sector, government jobs, internal auditing etc. Accounting career offers high paying jobs in A tier cities like New York, LA as per experience.

5) RN’s (Registered nurses):

The annual average top salary of the registered nurses is $95,000 and the average pay out is $67,000. But the figures keep on fluctuating as per the kind of job, city and qualification of the candidate. Registered nurses can work in any healthcare environment like hospitals, clinics, physician’s chamber and serve individual patients on full time also. RN’s are well qualified and should hold the nursing degree. It can also be recertified time and again with higher qualifications. They have to take care completely of the physical health of the patient.

6) Web/graphic designers:

They help in designing the layout of the different kinds of websites from flash, dynamic to e-commerce. Further the web developers, program the website and it is put on the web with a domain name.

Annual income is – $40,000-$55,000 approx