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The must have trait to succeed in your job search

With the economic trend on a slow rise, I feel it is important to exemplify leadership qualities. With more jobs becoming available, that delivers more opportunity for each of us. The job market is still going to be tough, what can we do to stand out? With exemplifying leadership qualities, having a tremendous track record, […]

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7 Clues to Determine if Your Career is on the Right Track

Here are some clues to see if you are on track to achieving the success that you wish for career: 1. Clear Outcomes: “Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen R Covey Are you clear about your outcomes? Are you clearer about what you want than what you don’t want? Have you written them […]

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8 Powerful Reminders for Refreshing Your Resume

Your resume and Linkedin profile needs updating at least twice a year. What better time than now to get started.  Before you send your resume out, consider the following:

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How to Develop Your Personal Career Brand

As a job seeker or career professional looking to get ahead, it is important that you stick out from the crowd.  By applying this “P framework” you will be well on your way to developing your own personal brand: Product: What are your attributes? What are your values? What are your unique gifts? What skills, education and […]

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Land that Retail Job by Avoiding these 7 Common Mistakes

We all know the retail job market sucks right now.  If you are a searching for a job in retail seeker chances are you are sending out a lot of applications and resumes and not getting a positive response.  Maybe you are getting interviews but still not getting the retail job.  Perhaps it is time […]

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Returning to Work After Addiction Recovery

Returning to Work After Addiction Recovery If you’re recovering from drug addiction it can be extremely difficult to find and keep a job. Whether you took a temporary leave of absence or you’re on the market for a new job, there’s a lot to tackle. But with discipline and the right attitude, you can learn […]

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