Internships: It’s Never to Early to Start Thinking About It

With the country in a recession, the job market has become tougher than ever. Even people with college degrees are struggling to find employment, much less in their desired field. So here you are heading into college, or even half-way through. You are probably worried about what major you are going to declare, what events you are going to attend this weekend, whether or not your college football or basketball team will be playing this postseason. But what you need to be worried about is what is going to happen once you graduate. Whatever field you want to go into, there will be fierce competition and sometimes a college degree on its own is not enough to put you in contention for the best entry level jobs. This is why it is best for you to start looking into internships now.

Reasons to Do an Internship
The reasons to do an internship are endless. More and more professions require internships before someone can enter the workforce full time. Employers want to know that newly graduated potential employees have at least a little bit of experience in their intended field, and it can help you to be more confident, both going into interviews and new jobs, to have at least some knowhow and experience before you even start work. If it is not required of your field to do an internship, then that does not mean that you should not look for one. Internships look great on resumes and, especially in a job where everyone applying is likely to have a college degree and little professional experience, they can really set you apart from the rest of the group.

It’s Never too Early
So why start thinking about internships now? You may think that four years is a long time, and you probably find yourself unable to envisage a time when you will no longer be taking classes. But your senior year will come around much quicker than you can ever anticipated, and you do not want to enter it with a panic about what kind of job prospects you will have after you graduate. You can get internships after you have received your degree, but it is by far preferred to do an internship while you are still in school. Often, places that offer internships will even give you college credit for them, and some even require it. This makes summer internships a great idea. You do not lose any time in getting your degree, but you will have made use of what could otherwise have been a summer of work in a fast food restaurant. Not all internships are unpaid either, so if that is putting you off, just look for that ones that can offer you a small wage.

Benifits of an Internship
Even if you try, you will not find a reason why you should not do an internship. They are irreplaceable in value for finding a job and building your personal network. They can lead to full time jobs, either with the same company, or others in that field, and at the very least, they will help you to network with professionals in the field that you are going into. So start looking for an internship right now, regardless of what stage you are in your education. Of course it is never too late to start thinking about internships, but it is definitely never too early.