I just got a new job thanks to Linkedin – Here’s how

If you are a regular reader of my career advice blog then you know that I am a professional recruiter by day and blogger and resume writer by night (and weekends).  I have written extensively about using social media and specifically Linkedin to help you find a new job.  I am happy to say that I started a new job this week and I found it…or I should say…it found me via Linkedin.

Here is how I leveraged Linkedin to find my next job and hopefully these tips will help you in your job search.

Keyword Rich- It is very important to include your keyword(s) multiple times in your profile.  This is extremely important and will move you up in the Linkedin search results.  In my profile the word “recruiter” or “recruiting” appears over 13 times.  This is how I appeared on the first page for the search result “recruiter” in my geography.  You will not be contacted by recruiters if they can not find your profile.

When you are found, make sure your profile is complete.


It is essential to have a complete profile.  This should include a headline, career summary, specialties, work experience, and education.  Linkedin will let you know where you are in regards to being 100% complete an then provide suggestions on what you can do to complete your profile.

Here are a couple of other minor things to keep in mind and I do believe that they really helped me once the recruiter found my profile.

Attach resume – I have noticed that very few people actually have their resumes attached to their profile.  Your profile is a good starting point for a recruiter to get an understanding of your background but it is important to have your resume attached to your profile to provide a deeper insight into you experience and accomplishments.

Include your email – Again, I have noticed that very few people provide a way for a recruiter to connect with them.  In my case, I was contacted through an inmail and email but there are some recruiters out there who will not send inmails and will want to connect via email.

Include a picture


This adds a personal touch to your profile and helps establish a connection.  Remember this is Linkedin and not Facebook so a professional picture is required.  You do not have to wear a suit (like my picture) but it wouldn’t hurt.

There you have it – 5 tips that I am passing along that worked for me and will hopefully work for you.

I would love to here about other success stories.  Leave me a comment if you found a job through Linkedin or if you have any other tips to add.