How to Make a Splash in a Competitive Job Market

With so many qualified people looking for work, it can be tough to stand out from the pile of resumes stacked high on a potential employer’s desk. To say the least, competition is stiff and those looking to land a good career need to stand out from the pack.  Does your resume stand out? There are important things, little things, which can make a big impact and put you in a better position to land the ever-elusive dream job. Here are a few tips to make the search a little easier.Improve Your Cyber Identity

The digital revolution has hit the workplace and you want to show potential employers you’re savvy. Get accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even develop your own website or blog showcasing your professional skills. A lot of professional networking is done online these days and you want to let any prospective boss know you can hang in a digital world.

Gain New Skills

Looking to break into a growing industry? You will probably need to develop some new skills.  There are numerous courses you can take online and you can often go to your local library or career center to obtain training and development.  I recently took an advance Microsoft Excel training class at my local library for free.

Use Your Cover Letter

Too many job seekers underestimate the power of the cover letter. It’s easy to crank out a generic and “professional” letter that simply reiterates what is on your resume. The cover letter is an opportunity to really let employers know who you are, giving a glimpse into your personality. While your resume will highlight all your skills and qualifications, the cover letter is really an opportunity to draft your best marketing collateral. Think about drawing people in and making them want to learn more about you. Even if your resume isn’t so thick, a good cover letter just might get you the interview.  Most job seekers do not put the time into creating a winning cover letter, if you do you will definitely stand out.

Consider a New Career

If you’ve been searching in your own field for a while and haven’t found a new job, it may be time to look into a new career. While it may seem intimidating, odds are there are plenty of industries out there growing at a much faster rate than yours. Many employers are looking for candidates with transferable skills and not necessarily direct experience.

Stay on Top of The Search

It is all too easy to get discouraged and let up on the drive to find a new job. It is important to stay on top of openings. Bookmark your favorite job listing websites and sign up for email notifications. Make sure your resume and cover letter are always up-to-date, typo free and ready to send. If you do not have a job, make finding one- your new job. Spend several hours a day searching for openings, applying and going on interviews.

In conclusion, utilizing your digital resources to increase your online presence and persisting despite the hard times can be the best way to eventually land the job you want.


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