How to break free from the rat race and simplify your life

Are you happy now?

Many people question or even ignore their inner monologue regarding their happiness and fulfillment at their tradition 9-t0-5 job.  You need to ask yourself if changing jobs, changing careers or even shortening your commute would make you happier.  Making a change in your professional life may come with sacrifices of your seniority, pay or status.  Ask yourself some tough questions about what would make you happier and you might be surprised to find out what is really important to you.


No thanks to the grindstone

If you decide to make changes in your career observe how others have reduced their workload.  There are a lot of people out there that have been able to sustain a great quality of life without wearing business suits and punching the clock every day.  Talk to them about how they traded in their office routines for a more independent lifestyle.  Find out how they did it and consider whether it may be right for you.

Testing … one … two … three

Look for outside opportunities to experiment with less structure.  These options may help you learn more about lifve on the outside and may include a sabbatical or projects that involve freelancers or independent contractors.

Time of your life

Timing is very important when downshifting your career.  This type of change would be easy if you had a healthy amount of cash dtored away, but if you are staring ata pile of bills, it’s certainly far more difficult.  Needless to say, the lower your expenses, the easier the transition to a more personalized career and lifestyle will be.

My way or the highway

Explore your company’s policy about alternative working arrangements, such as flextime, part time, or change in hours.  You might be surprised to find that your company has these options.  Check out the company handbook, talk to your human resources department and connect with people who have taken “the road less traveled.”