How Linkedin Helps Finding New Job Opportunities

Linkedin is considered, by most people, to be the Facebook of the business world. Gossip and vacation photos are replaced by forums on business trends and job postings. Linkedin was originally designed to be an online networking system, the online equivalent of business networking events, without the wine and cheese. And so, of course, one of the main focuses of the networking site is locating business and job opportunities.

Place for Business Contact

Business contacts, especially finding, in the case of employees, job opportunities, and in the case of businesses, excellent prospects are one of the main focuses of the Linkedin network. There are many informal offers that are often seen on the basic Linkedin network, but Linkedin also offers a premium product that helps job seekers find the ideal opportunity.

Linkedin uses both the vast network of members and their proprietary products to help applicants easily target the ideal prospective employers and conversely, allow employers to trawl the same vast network to find employees exactly suited to the job opportunity. Certain filters (salary, field, education) allow the applicant to make sure he is applying for positions that he is qualified for, and special features, such as “Featured Applicant” allow him to position his resume at the top of the most relevant job offerings.

Professional’s Community

Linkedin has created a true business community, so members on both sides of the employment equation have developed a mutual respect for each other. For this reason, when a job poster is contacted via the direct contact method of Inmail, the applicant is at a distinct advantage over any applicants from outside the Linkedin community.

Another excellent feature of the Linkedin system for job seekers is how contributing to discussions on Linkedin can add to one’s profile. Simply engage in discussions and forums in your field that you would ordinarily be involved in.  When you are actively seeking new employment, all you have to do is add the “Job Seeker” badge to your profile. Anyone involved in your discussions may be actively seeking someone in your field. Your forum discussions tell him that you are knowledgeable in the field under discussion; your badge says tells him that you are looking for a job.  This is almost like a perfect storm of job opportunities.

Search for New Jobs

The final feature that Linkedin offers to job seekers is a continual list of jobs you may be interested in. This is continually offered, whether or not you have registered as a job seeker. Based on your profile, as jobs are listed by employers on Linkedin, the most appropriate ones are filtered and directed to members who have qualifications that best match the position.

With these valuable features, Linkedin has found a unique combination of factors that   form the perfect mix of qualifications, opportunities and availability for job seekers and job posters alike.