Get Hired Now – Most Available Jobs for 2012

With over 2 million college graduates looking for jobs each year, finding lucrative employment will usually prove to be difficult. Fortunately, that is not the case for certain career paths where employers are desperately looking for educated workers.

Here, we breakdown six of the most booming careers in 2012.


Registered Nurse (RN)

Average Salary: $ 40,000 – $ 90,000

Changing medical technology coupled with the rising percentage of the nation’s aging population has led the health care industry into a period of steady growth over the past decade. Out of all the jobs that are available in this field, the nursing profession is enjoying the most gain as evidence by recent reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating a 26% jump for the number of RN hires this year.

Software Developer

Average Salary: $ 50,000 – $ 80,000

Not to be left behind is the IT field with software developer professions leading the list. As advances remain constant in this ever evolving industry, the need for developers who are educated in the latest programing languages continues to increase. Securing a job in this sector can also lead to additional business opportunities for you, such as starting your own company.


Average Salary: $ 80,000 – $ 130,000

Graduating with a degree in Pharmacy can mean a brighter and more lucrative future for you. Apart from the obvious monetary gains, pharmacists also enjoy a number of perks such as flexible work hours and job growth. The only catch is that to be able to wear your white coat, you first need to undergo many years of continuous education, postgraduate residency, and examinations.

Medical Assistant

Average Salary: $ 20,000 – $ 40,000

One great thing about this job is that it does not require any formal training although if you want to get ahead, enrolling in medical assisting programs can help further your career. There are many layers to the healthcare industry and ever growing demand at all levels, so look closely at this field if it interests you.

Database Administrator (DBA)

Average Salary: $ 40,000 – $ 110,000

As the world goes digital, the need for database administrators who are skilled at building and maintaining these database systems are becoming more apparent. To become one, you need to first complete a bachelor’s degree in either computer science or management information systems. After which, you need to start working on obtaining certifications for as many different platforms as you can.

Web Developer

Average Salary: $ 40,000 – $ 110,000

In a world where the Internet has become the primary means of communication, more and more companies are realizing the importance of creating and maintaining a website to boost their company’s growth and visibility. This is precisely why web developers are in demand today. With over 65,000 jobs opening up in the profession this year, web development could very well be your ticket to success.

From this list, it is quite evident that the health and IT industries are pretty much leading the employment rise for 2012. Keep this in mind, as these jobs are your safest bets to securing a prolific and satisfying career over the next several decades.