What is the most annoying corporate buzzword for 2010 going to be?

As a recruiter at a pharmaceutical company, I must admit that I find myself using a lot of these annoying corporate buzzwords when I am on the phone talking with candidates and in meetings with hiring managers.  Even when I try to stop myself these words just flow out.  Just today I told a candidate that I would “circle back” with them early next week.  When I hung up I kind of chuckled and thought to myself when the hell did I start talking like this.

I wanted to take a little break from the normal resume tips posts and Linkedin for job seekers posts  that I have been writing here and write a fun and irreverent post about these annoying buzzwords that creep into our corporate vocabulary.  Here is the initial list of contenders:

Annoying Work Buzzwords and Phrases

  • circle back (what is wrong with saying, “I will get back in touch with you.”)
  • bio break (why not just say bathroom break?)
  • granular (as in more detail)
  • hard stop (as in hard stop at 4:00)
  • out of pocket (how about saying “I will not be available.”)
  • low hanging fruit (easy?)
  • peeling the onion (this is something I have never said and never will)
  • outside of the box (this is an oldie but goodie)
  • break through thinking (is this the new version of outside of the box?)
  • incentivize (is these even a word?)

This is the start of the list.  I can honestly say that I have heard each of these words this week.  I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I actually said a few myself.

Lets see if we can add to the list.  Please share with us in the comments what your most annoying buzzword is so far this year.  What is your most annoying from the list above?