Career Copilot is one of the most popular and most widely read career blogs in the blog-o-sphere.

The definition of CoPilot reads:

Main Entry: co·pi·lot
Pronunciation: ˈkō-ˌpī-lət
Function: noun
Date: 1927

a qualified pilot who assists the pilot but is not in command

We all know that the world of work has changed dramatically over the past couple of years.  With the rise of the Internet and the popularity of social media and other Web 2.0 elements, we must view the job search process and our careers through a different lens.

You are in command.  You must Control your own destiny.  It is the goal of this blog to assist you along the way.  In essence, we are your copilot to help guide you.

It’s your career – Don’t fly solo

The owner and editor of Career Copilot is Dan Keller.  Experienced in many facets of the career industry, Dan is uniquely qualified to lead the efforts of this blog and other related career services and communities.  Dan possesses over a decade of recruiting experience, including retained search, contingency search and corporate recruiting.

Dan is a certified resume writer and owns ProResumeWriter.com where he provides a variety of career related services with an emphasis on resume writing, personal branding and web 2.0 job search strategies. Dan holds a Master’s degree in Organization Psychology and is fascinated with the application of psychological principles and how they relate to the workplace.


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