6 Ways to Get Out in Front of Your Boss

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your boss?

Are you looking for ways to get your boss to love and respect you?

To do this, there are two things you need to keep in mind:

  • Find out what keeps them up at night. Know their biggest problem and figure out how you can help solve it.
  • Be able to predict what’s coming next. Don’t just know what’s is going on today but know what you anticipate months down the road. Then you have to figure out how to bridge the gap between the two.

If you can’t be proactive, you’ll always lag behind.

It’s all about getting into their mind and understanding the mentality of your boss.

If you start to understand how your boss thinks and what makes them tick, you’ll have an easier time of anticipating their needs. Again, know what problem they are trying to solve and then solve it.

 6 Ways to Get Out in Front of Your Boss

Study Your Boss 

This is the most crucial point here.

Pay close attention. When you’re in meetings, watch your boss. What for verbal and non-verbal clues. What questions do they ask? What type of answers seem to frustrate them? How long before they lose their attention span? Do they want “bottom line” answers or more of an overall explanation?

Understand the frustration points of your boss. (and then don’t do that..ha)

Know what your boss looks for in an employee. Steer clear of the things that agitate your boss and cater to your boss’s preferences. (Easy, right?) If you’re having difficulty with this, find a person who has a positive relationship with your boss and notice how they communicate and work together.

Become the master observer when trying to figure them out. Try to also uncover what competencies your boss seems to like in others so you can try to emulate them.

Become a Trusted Advisor 

Fires are fought every day at work. There are new predicaments, new challenges, but also new opportunities. If you start thinking with a mindset of a trusted partner and advisor, you may see your role a bit differently. You’ll see the need to be proactive and not passive. Passivity kills careers. Being proactive means having answers to questions before your boss even has time to think of the question. This is another way to get into the mind of your boss.

Think like an Owner

What if you were running the company? What if it were your money? Would you treat the resources differently? Would you handle issues differently? A company owner mindset is one of the key pillars to success.

How you think shows through your actions.

Be Reliable, Be Prepared, and Follow Through

Getting out ahead of your boss starts with trust. Don’t give your boss any reason to distrust you. If you have a reputation for doing what you say, your boss may just ease up a bit.

Keep an open line of communication. Keep them in the loop. You don’t want your boss to worry that you won’t get everything done. A key to building trust and a great reputation is to deliver more than expected.

Go the extra mile. What’s the saying? “Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.”

Your boss should never have to ask for the same thing twice.

Produce Results That Are Aligned to the Strategy

Kinda a no-brainer, right? Or, so you’d think. Your job probably equals a livelihood to you. Most people are not independently wealthy and need a salary. The boss sees you as an investment and expects some return on that investment. Your paycheck is the investment they make and in return, the boss expects results.

If you are going to produce results aligned with the strategy then need to understand how and why the company does what it does.

Think Big

Critical thinking and being a strategic thinker is a highly sought after skill in today’s market. You don’t want to be a busy-body but if you are only concerned with your own work and your own projects, then you’ll never be able to understand the company vision and mission. As a result, you’ll never be able to articulate your results properly to your boss.

Your career really expands when you really “get” your company’s vision and values. This all helps you get out of the reactive mode. You stop reacting to what you hear and you start leading the way.