5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Career

Technology never stops growing, and nor should you. If you’re a career person and are determined to keep advancing and evolving with your company or—for the entrepreneurs out there—on your own, embracing technology can exponentially
increase your value and productivity.

Here are five ways this can happen:

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the newest craze in the tech world, and businesses everywhere are integrating it into their work flows. It basically involves using software and products through as Internet services (SaaS and PaaS), which can dramatically improve your efficiency if used correctly. Cloud services can also reduce your office clutter, backup and secure all your files, and can be extremely important in facilitating VoiP real time communications. It’s been especially useful for administrative and IT purposes—for example, attorney staffing , legal nurse consulting, product
management and other workforce solutions.

Social media

Social media is revolutionizing how professionals and entrepreneurs can connect, network, and communicate with each other. Geography and time are no longer hindrances. And building online brands has never been more innovative or effective. Don’t think of social media as merely a trivial messaging service to talk to your friends; imagine it as a way to network with your future business partners.


Smartphones allow people to work on the go, replacing idle hours in taxis or gyms with productive time and connectivity. For workaholics, the smartphone has literally added whole days to the calendar. Newer apps like augmented reality and location-based media are also changing the landscape of what we can accomplish remotely.

High-speed Internet can reduce your work hours or commute

Many professionals have been able to work from home because of the network advances of the Internet, saving them money on commuting and reducing stress, which translates into harder, smarter work. Many businesses are beginning to encourage their upper-tier employees to work from home some days in order reduce office congestion and connectivity problems.

New software skills can increase the likelihood of a promotion

The incredible diversity of software skills out there—for example, CMS and powerpoint presentations—make it all the more likely that if you have taken the time to upgrade your skills you will likely have a great shot at evolving with your company and getting a promotion. For these reasons, technology is
helping a great many professionals advance in their careers and make themselves more valuable to their employers. New tech services are also paving the way for intrepid entrepreneurs and innovative new small businesses.