5 of the Most Rewarding Career Paths

The most rewarding careers often offer more than just high pay. Some of these can involve helping others or building something for future generations. Here are some examples of rewarding career paths to consider. 


Nursing is a career in the healthcare profession involving the assessment, planning and care of others. There are a variety of career opportunities for nurses in medicine. They can specialise in one of several fields and there is room for career advancement. The financial rewards are great and there is the added bonus of helping others.


To be a teacher, a natural flair with kids is a must and the ability to assert yourself in any situation is a bonus. Depending on your preference, you may choose to teach younger children or you may specialise in one subject and teach older children. There is also the option of becoming a higher education teacher in a college or school. There are opportunities for career advancement and there is the added benefit that you will see your hard work reflected in the students’ progress.

Charity Work

Many people have abandoned their paying jobs for charity work due to the altruistic rewards. The knowledge that you are helping those less fortunate and those in need is very rewarding. Your passion could lie with any aspect of charity work whether it is the environment or people with a certain illness or disability. There are also several charities which employ paid workers; therefore can still make some money while helping a good cause.

Special Needs Teacher

Special education, or needs, teachers work with young people who have special needs or disabilities. Special education teachers can cover general special education needs or they can take a course which is specific to a particular learning difficulty like dyslexia or autism. Helping the children and developing relationships with them can be extremely rewarding, especially when seeing the results of your involvement. A great deal of patience and training is required to be a special education teacher, as well as an understanding and acceptance of the students’ special needs.


Becoming an engineer does take some hard work and study, but the advantages of such a job far outweigh the disadvantages. Engineering involves the application of maths, science and problem solving to develop new structures and technology. The knowledge that you will be involved in the creation of new and future technologies is greatly rewarding and it is a very stable career. Some other benefits include a high rate of pay and opportunities for career advancement.

Most jobs come with perks but these are just some of the choices which involve much more than just nine to five work. Job satisfaction is often important instead of money.