5 Hints for Finding a Job in Your Field

You study what you like, right? And you want to find a job using what you learned. You want to find a job that can exploit your aptitudes and interests, one where you won’t be bored stiff. But the economy isn’t cooperating. There are no jobs out there in your field, if you can even tell what jobs your field has. Everyone is telling you to find a stop-gap; something you can do until you find the cryptic ‘perfect’ job. Do something common. Be a banker or an administrator or a receptionist.

You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to be trapped managing the Chick-Fil-A for the rest of your life. But you don’t want to waste away either. How can you uncover your perfect job? How can you fight the temptation to just do something?

Don’t Settle – To start with, don’t settle. Don’t abandon your dreams. There is a perfect job out there for you; you just have to fight the urge to settle for the ‘okay’ job or the job that offers you a boat load of money. Better to be poor and happy then rich and wretched, right? Don’t give in to pessimists who foresee your demise. Your perfect job will pay enough. You just have to discover it.


Keep Looking – Don’t surrender. After five months, after nine months, heck, after a year, keep looking. You might have to work at the Jack in the Box to make ends meet, but so be it. Better to catch the perfect job then get trapped in one you hate but are dependent on for money. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a lucrative job. Just remember to keep aggressively searching for your dream job even when you have steady work. Your dream job will undoubtedly not pay you as much, so don’t be enticed away by the money.


Wish High, Look Low – Always remember your goal job, but apply for ones beneath it. If you want to reach the top, many times you’re going to have to work your way up. Don’t get disheartened, sometimes you will apply for the little job and get hired for the greater job. Take a gamble and don’t forget that almost everybody is flexible. They may offer minimum wage but be ready to double it when they see your degree and zeal. Nothing is set in stone.


Discover – Don’t restrict yourself. Expand out and explore things only marginally linked to your field. You’ll be flabbergasted at what the job actually necessitates. Some advertised jobs look like nightmares and yet turn out to be a blast, and vice versa. Don’t rely on the summary or the ad. Go to tons and tons of interviews even if you are overqualified or under-qualified. If they decide to meet with you, then they might offer you some other job you never even knew about. And don’t be scared to share talents that may seem impractical. Mention your interests and what you are talented at on your resume. It can lead to prospects.


Know Yourself – If you don’t know what you’re searching for then how are you going to find it? Don’t confine yourself by fixating on what you majored in. You can find a job in something you are talented in, something you have a zest for, or something you just wished you could learn how to do. Don’t pass up prospects, even if they don’t seem to fit with what you want. Any experience is good experience and can provide a way to your perfect job down the road. You might discover that your perfect job is something you never imagined.


To review, don’t give up. Your perfect job is out there, but you will have to fight for it. Keep searching, branch out, and know yourself. You may uncover exploits that you would have never had if you just settled for the first job that paid well.