5 Careers that are Guaranteed to be in High-Demand for the Coming Decade

Knowledge is power. Knowing what careers are going to be around for the upcoming decade is very important. This is just as true for a high school graduate as it is for the laid-off worker who is looking to better their expertise. Before looking at the top 5 high-demand career fields for the upcoming decade, let’s take a look back at history.

There have always been certain careers that – regardless of the economy – remain in high demand. Those are the 3 things that as a human race we thrive on – medicine, food, and entertainment.

• People will always get sick. Therefore, they will visit doctors.

• Humans have to eat in order to survive. Unless someone owns a farm, they will rely on the food industry.

• “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” That quote says it all. From Gladiators to William Shakespeare – people have always relied on entertainment to help lift the burden of their job.

Medicine and Healthcare

Good doctors will always be in high demand. It doesn’t matter which way the economy swings. Where doctors go, healthcare always follows. That means a whole field of jobs will be open. To make things even better, the upcoming generation seems to be more health conscious than ever. That fact is causing the healthcare field to continue to grow. What does that mean? Any job related to medicine and health care will be in high demand. Here are just a few examples:

• Surgeon

• Doctor

• Nurse

• Pharmacist

Food Services

The second of the ‘Big 3’ is any career relating to food. People have to eat and these jobs will always be in high demand. The current trend shows more people opting to eat out at restaurants. That’s the most likely candidate for continued growth in the upcoming decade. The competition for jobs in this category has become intense – mostly due to the overwhelming need for jobs. Here are some examples of jobs in food services:

• Restaurant Manager

• Waiter/Waitress

• Host/Hostess

• Chef

• Fast Food Worker


Let’s face it, people need something to entertain them after a hard day of work. At the very least, they go home and flip on the television. Every once in a while, they might even go out and indulge in some other form of entertainment. This field has been a necessity throughout history. It’s not going anywhere. Here are some examples of jobs in the entertainment field:

• Tour Guide

• Zookeeper

• Writer

• Actor/Actress

• Video Game Programmer

Executive Management

With the economy reaching an almost chaotic point, companies need people who can continue to figure out new and innovative ways to keep bringing in a profit. Good managers will continue to grow in demand. Although we’ve actually seen this career take a downward spiral as of late, the goal here is to discuss jobs that will trend upward in the coming decade. High and middle management jobs are almost guaranteed to do so. Of course, this field intermingles with the previous 3 career fields. Wherever there is a company to be run, there will be management.


Finally, we come to insurance careers. This will go hand-in-hand with the medical and healthcare field’s imminent boom upward. As more people seek medical help, more will make it a point to become insured. That’s good news for anyone interested in a career in insurance! However, this boom isn’t limited to health insurance. New families will have to insure their home and vehicles as well. This career field will definitely see a lot of growth in the upcoming decade. As a result, they will be in high demand. Here are some examples of jobs in the insurance field:

• Insurance Adjuster

• Insurance Examiner

• Insurance Analyst

• Insurance Salesman