Twitter Job Search Tools

I wrote a post last month about why you need to use Twitter as part of your job search arsenal.  Today I want to show you how.  Twitter recently opened up their code which allowed other companies to create apps that make the Twitter experience more user friendly and useful.  Here are some of the best new Twitter tools that will help you land your next job:

Twitter Job Search- This is a job search aggregator for Twitter.  They have compiled over 160,000 new jobs in the last 30 days.  I would say that over half of the jobs are technology related, but there are jobs in almost every category you can think of.

Tweet My Jobs- This is one of the coolest and most popular Twitter job services.  The site basically is a meeting place for recruiters, company hiring managers, and candidates.  The site breaks down the jobs into specific categories and also segments them by location.  What you do is actually subscribe to the categories that make sense to you and when a new job is tweeted, you will receive a text message.

TweetBeep- This is one of my favorite services and I use it every day and it is especially useful for job hunting.  TweetBeep is very similar to Google alerts.  You set up your keywords and ever time that word appears on twitter an alert is sent out to you.  If you want to know every time a job in recruiting pops up, you can get an email every hour or once a day if you prefer.

I also find the “old fashioned” approach works well also.  What I mean by this is following various Twitter-ers that send out job alerts.  My favorites are:

@GreenJobScene- for green jobs

@JobShouts- for general job tweets

@JobAngels- jobs alerts for the unemployed

If you are not using Twitter, you should start now.  It takes less than a minute to get started and a couple of minutes a day can do wonders for your job search.