Do you want a professionally written resume for free”

I am sure every job seeker would love to have a professional resume writer create their resume for free.  Well, here is your chance, we are conducting a “contest” for the month of March, all you have to do is subscribe to our feed and you will eligible to win a free professionally written resume.  Just click on the icon on the top right hand corner of the header (It is hard to miss it.)  On a side note, have you noticed some of the prices that resume writing companies have been charging lately.  I was on the “Ladders” website yesterday and almost fell off of my seat when I saw their resume prices.  They are charging over $1,000 for a resume, I guess that is how they have so much money to spend on advertising.  Let me say this, that is a complete rip off, you should not pay more than $300 fora resume.  My prices are $99-$199 depending on the level of experience and I would guarantee my resumes would knock the socks off of ant “Ladders” resume.