10 Future Proof Careers

Choosing the right career is extremely important when hunting for jobs. These days the competition is so high that getting any job is very difficult, let alone one you really want. Job growth has also slowed considerably – that’s why it’s extremely important to find a career that has growth potential.

So what are the best jobs in America? As you can imagine this is a very difficult question to answer. Various factors such as pay, job growth, job satisfaction and many other factors need to be considered.

Listed below are 10 great choices for a future career:

The Medical Field

The medical field has an immense growth potential. The demand for the Nurses is very high and the rate of demand is also increasing every year. The average pay a Nurse gets per annum is $58,200. Nurses perform many functions similar to a doctor such as prescribing medicines, treating illnesses etc.

To become a nurse practitioner one would require a master’s degree in nursing and certification. The demand for healthcare is expected to double by the next decade. The job of physician assistants is now at number 2 in the list of America’s best jobs. They are eligible to do physical tests, treat illnesses, and prescribe medicines. The rate of their job growth is about 39% and they a good $92,000 every year.

One career that you would not have heard about is that of a nurse anesthetist. Certified nurse anesthetists (CRNA) make more money than a physician and are very much in demand.  According to the reports of CNN Money, they are said to make about $189,000 per annum while a physician earns only $173,000 per annum. A CRNA should be a registered nurse with a year of full time nursing experience. They also get a master’s degree in anesthesia and pass the national certification exam.

Technology Sector

Everyone loves to work in a fast growing sector as there is always rapid career growth as well. In terms of job growth the IT/tech field is placed at number one. System engineers are the most sought after professionals today. The expected job growth is about 45% in the next 10 years and they are paid an average salary of $87,100 per annum. The minimum qualification one would need to become a systems engineer is bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Growth is not limited to just the engineering field. Even the entry level IT analysts are making about $60,00 and more per annum. People with a little experience are making over $82,600 and more and the growth rate is predicted to be about 30% by the next decade.

Financial Services

For people who are good with numbers, financial services could be your best bet. Certified Public Accountants make about $74,200 and the growth rate is expected to be 18% in the next 10 years. These days most of the companies are doing away with pension plans. Employees need professional help in planning their retirement and hence the demand for finance professionals is on the rise. It has been found that the average per annum income is about $101,000.

Actuaries are tasked with measuring the statistical probability of certain occurring events. It is projected that the actuarial field will have a growth rate of 24% and their average salary is $129,000. Actuaries can make up to $300,000 per year. The basic requirement to get into the finance-related fields is an undergraduate business degree.


When the economy is bad, enrolments in schools and colleges will increase. As the number of students increase, the demand for teachers also increases. The average salary a teacher earns is about $70,400 per annum and the projected rate of growth for the next 10 years is forecasted at 23%. College and School teachers have great flexibility in their work schedule allowing them to do many other things in their free time.

If you love working kids then a school teacher’s job is perfect for you. They make about $50,200 per annum and the growth rate is expected to be about 18%.

Technical Jobs

There are many technical jobs that do not require a college degree but a job certification would do. One such job is the physical therapist assistant. They earn $42,000 approximately and this is one of the fields that are booming. The growth rate is projected to be 42%. These therapists are responsible for documenting treatments and accordingly modifying the treatments to suit the needs of the patient.

For example veterinary techs make about $30, 000 per annum and their job includes taking blood samples, preparing vaccines etc. Their job growth rate is estimated to be 35%.  The job of dental hygienists includes cleaning teeth, take x-rays, and do all the routine oral procedures. They earn around $68,150 per annum and the growth rate is estimated to be 43%.

Business Services Jobs

The heart of the US Economy is service jobs. It accounts to more than 70% of the jobs. The beneficiaries are the environmental health and safety specialist and the growth is projected at 28% in the next 10 years. The pay is about $71,000 per year. Estimation is extremely important as they help determine if the firm is going to make money or lose it. An estimator of the construction company requires a lot of experience and is paid about $68,000 per annum. The job growth is around 25% in the next ten years.

Sales Jobs

Sales is the most important part for any company be it a financial firm or a software company. The revenue goals are reached because of sales. Though it pays well it is also a high stress job. The average salary of a sales director is $142,000 and a senior sales executive is $127,000 per annum.

Consulting Jobs

All the companies look for ways to save money on employee cost and the best way to do this is by outsourcing the projects. This is the reason why consultants are high in demand. When the consultant is hired there is no need to pay him healthcare costs or any other benefits.

The growth for the consulting industry is projected in double digit in the next 10 years. The growth rate especially for the management and healthcare consultant is said to be 24%.

Engineering Jobs

Today there is a dearth of math and science majors and this is reflecting on the jobs as well. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the companies to find quality engineers.

The growth rate for structural, civil etc. is said to be 24% to 31%. The growth rate for the bio-medical engineers is said to be a whopping 72%. The minimum salary is about $76,000. The advantages of this job are low stress levels and high job satisfaction.

Middle Management Jobs

As much as the top-level management is important, the mid-level is also equally important. There are the ones who are responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities and maintain the smooth functioning of the organization.

The job of the Risk Managers is to help mitigate risks and keep firm for any potential risk that can arise and cripple the organization. The growth rate here is expected to be 24% and has an average salary of $107,000.

The R & D Managers make sure that any new product that is developed is tested and then brought to the market. The job of the product manager is to oversee the launch the implementation of the process for the new product. These job